ООО ‘Sibket K, Russia
Planetnaya Street, 32,
Novosibirsk, Russia, 630015
Tel/fax: + 7 (383) 363-75-77
Tel/fax:: + 7 (383) 363-78-77
Tel/fax:: + 7 (383) 363-78-18
Tel/fax: + 7 (383) 251-04-08

About the company

The company

Sibket K was founded in 1996. Its core business area is food production. Our company is one of the largest processors of agricultural products. The products manufactured under our trademarks are available to the buyers from the Urals to the Far East.

In 1999, the first Ermak trademark was registered. The products of Ermak are known and beloved by customers, which is confirmed ин numerous awards of specialized exhibitions. High awards impose great responsibility, and therefore the issue of quality is our first priority.

You can buy our products under such brand names as ‘Ermak, ‘Gardens of the South’, ‘Gardens of Altai’, ‘Lapushonok’, ‘J.Life’, ‘Dovania’. The volume of our total output increases annually, and the range of products is constantly growing. To date, the product range of the company includes about 200 products.

The company's policy is aimed at the production of high-quality natural products. We offer a flexible pricing policy for our partners, it allows our customers to get stable income when working with our products.

We look forward to working with you.

We draw your attention to the change in the packaging design Ermak juices. Starting from 2016, Ermak juices look like this: