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About fruits



All year round, the human body needs additional nutrition with vitamins and minerals, but in the spring it is especially important. Natural juices are the most complete source of natural beneficial substances: minerals, fiber and amino acids.

For some reason fruits and vegetables in their natural form are believed to be much healthier than juices, but natural juices contain no less vitamins and minerals . For example, one glass of ERMAK apple juice contains two medium-size apples, there are about three medium-size carrots in one glass of ERMAK carrot juice, and a glass of ERMAK orange juice contains three medium oranges, which means that the benefits of a glass of juice are much higher. However, juices are taken up much better, while the body spends less energy on their digestion. And besides, drinking a glass of carrot juice is much easier and more enjoyable than eating, say, three medium-sized carrots it is made of.

You can see the whole range of produced juices in the ‘CATALOGUE’ section


Grape juice

Grape juice contains vitamins B-2, B-1, A and C. In its composition one can find numerous minerals: calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fluoride, iron, magnesium, silicone and sulfur. Natural grape juice enhances metabolism, speeds up digestion, removes toxins from the body, helps with cleansing the body and is used for weight loss. The presence of a large number of minerals in the juice helps to purify the blood and improve blood formation, to purify the liver. Grape juice helps with arthritis, liver problems, anemia and other blood diseases, cancer, constipation, high fever, digestive problems, thickening in the mucous membranes, skin diseases and for weight loss. Juice has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart muscle, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, and it is useful to treat some diseases of kidneys, liver, and lungs.

For therapeutic purposes one should drink half a glass of natural grape juice 3 times a day for three weeks. Before taking it should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

Grape juice is not recommended for gastritis with high acidity, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, diabetes mellitus, obesity, chronic inflammatory processes in the lungs. Grape juice is undesirable to drink for those with a tendency to flatulence.


Carrot juice

Carrot juice is the real king of vegetable juices. It is saturated with vitamins C, B, D, E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, iodine. And most importantly - it is rich in carotene, which, in combination with fats, turns into vitamin A, therefore, to digest carrot juice better, you should eat some fatty foods at the same time. The best option is a salad dressed with vegetable oil. It is not surprising that carrot juice is an excellent assistant in the treatment and prevention of many diseases: it improves vision, dilates blood vessels, and soothes nerves. It helps with anemia, cardiovascular problems, urolithiasis, polyarthritis; vitamin deficiency and a general loss of energy, it improves immunity, digestion and promotes metabolism. It contains a lot of iodine, normalizing the function of the thyroid gland, and magnesium, which removes unnecessary bile and cholesterol from the body. Drinking carrot juice together with staying in the sun or in a solarium gives a long-lasting and faster tanning effect.


Peach juice

Vitamins and minerals: peach juice contains many different organic acids such as malic, tartaric, quinine and citric acids. In addition, it is rich in essential oils, mineral salts of potassium and iron, vitamins of C and B groups, carotene and pectin.

Grape juice improves digestion. It is recommended for arrhythmias. The vitamins contained in it help the body adapt to adverse environmental conditions.


Tomato juice

We can recommend tomato juice containing vitamin C, carotene, B vitamins to everyone. It is useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system, constipation diseases. Due to its low calorie content, it can be recommended for overweight people. It does not contain much oxalic acid and purines which contribute to the aberration of salt metabolism and to the development of gout, so you should include tomato juice in your diet if you suffer from diseases of kidneys or joints.

Two glasses of tomato juice make up for the daily need for vitamins C and A. It is recommended for hypertension. It suppresses the process of decay in the intestines.

You should drink tomato juice 20-30 minutes before a meal, as it prepares your stomach and intestines to digest food. The addition of salt reduces the healing properties of the juice. Instead of salt, you can add chopped garlic and fresh herbs: dill, parsley, coriander.

Tomato juice is contraindicated if you suffer from attack of gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis and cholecystitis. In no case it can be taken in case of poisoning, even the light one! Then tomato juice will enhance the existing effect.


Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice contains sucrose, healthy pectin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and cobalt salts. It is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, beta-carotene.

Pumpkin juice purifies the body and digestive system. It is useful for diseases of the bladder, kidneys, skin, and constipation. Sometimes it is recommended for women with oophoritis. Pumpkin juice improves the gastrointestinal tract activity, it is recommended for kidney stones and bladder, as well as for those who have suffered Botkin's disease. In addition, a pumpkin drink increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, removes ‘bad’ cholesterol from the body and strengthens the cardiovascular system, also it promotes bile secretion. It has long been recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases accompanied by edema.

Pumpkin juice is especially useful for kidney and liver diseases. There are practically no contraindications for taking pumpkin juice, only individual intolerance.


Apple juice

Apple juice contains vitamins B-6, B-2, B-1, A, C and biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) as well as numerous minerals: chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fluoride, iron, magnesium, sodium, silicone and sulfur.

It is used for atherosclerosis, diseases of the liver, bladder, kidneys, urolithiasis. Pectin from pulpy apple juice normalizes the intestines activity. The high content of sugars and organic acids promotes rapid recovery after physical exertion. You can drink apple juice without any damage to health in fairly large quantities - up to one liter per day. Due to the large number of minerals in the composition of apple juice, it is especially useful for skin, hair and nails. Apple juice prevents and treats colds, flu, and intestinal infections. Apple juice activates the body's defense systems, making special bacteria in your body work to remove toxins. Apple juice contains a large amount of pectin, which creates a jelly-like mass in the intestines; it absorbs various poisons, and also activates the intestines. Therefore, apple juice is a regulator of the intestines, it is recommended in cases of constipation or indigestion. Apple juice is used for joint inflammation, arthritis, malfunctioning of the liver and kidneys, constipation and digestive problems, as well as for weight loss.

Apple juice is especially useful for children and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, with anemia, gastritis with low acidity.

Apple juice is contraindicated if you suffer from gastritis attack, peptic ulcer and pancreatitis.


Apricot juice

Apricot juice is rich in potassium, which strengthens the heart muscle and helps remove excess fluid from tissues. It removes toxic metabolic products and cholesterol. It is recommended for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Apricot juice activates the brain and perfectly tones the whole body. Including apricot juice in your diet will make you more energetic and you will forget about the fatigue.



Cherry juice

Cherry juice is useful for anemia because it contains folic acid and iron. It also has many catechins and anthocyanins that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Cherry juice, like orange, is known for its anti-inflammatory effect. However if you suffer from a stomach ulcer and high acidity, you should better not get carried away.


Plum juice

Plum juice is very useful for people with gastrointestinal diseases. It contains a lot of potassium, which removes water and salt from the body; this is something that people with rheumatism and gout will really enjoy.


Pear juice

Pear juice has a bactericidal effect and is an excellent diuretic. Doctors recommend it to those who are prone to diseases of the circulatory system or have kidney problems. In addition, pear juice has a lot of fiber and pectin compounds that improve digestion and intestinal function.