ООО ‘Sibket K, Russia
Planetnaya Street, 32,
Novosibirsk, Russia, 630015
Tel/fax: + 7 (383) 363-75-77
Tel/fax:: + 7 (383) 363-78-77
Tel/fax:: + 7 (383) 363-78-18
Tel/fax: + 7 (383) 251-04-08


Are you interested in our products?

Would you like to deal with selling ERMAK products?

Do you want to work on the conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation?

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1. Convenient application

Every day employees of our company accept applications in a format convenient for you:

  • by phone: (383)363 78 77,  363 75 77  from 08-30 to 17-00.
  • by fax: (383) 251 04 08.
  • by email: sibket_k@mail.ru
  • electronic exchange of commercial documents on ECOD platform: GLN 4606907999995.
  • the same application can be made at a personal meeting with our sales representative by visiting our office at the address: Planetnaya Str., 32 c, Novosibirsk, Russia


2. Convenient solution to all problems

Our company has a developed and efficiently functioning sales department. Each client is assigned a sales representative with whom you can discuss and resolve all possible issues.


3. Flexible discount system

For our partners we offer a flexible pricing policy, which allows customers to receive stable income when working with our products.


4. Product list

OOO Sibket K produces a wide range of juices and nectars in various packaging. Our company is constantly expanding its product lines. To date we began to work in a new direction: we launched the production of canned products (‘Canned Cucumbers’, ‘Assorted Pickles’, ‘Canned Tomatoes’, ‘Canned Tomatoes in Tomato Juice’). Also we produce adjika, mustard, tomato paste, tomato sauces and jam.


5. Quality

Our company from the very beginning relied on the production of a high-quality and affordable product, aimed at consumers with different income levels, different tastes and likings. As a result, we succeeded in occupying the niche of inexpensive, but quality goods. Sibket K offers a high quality product. For production we use only natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. We carry out quality control at all stages: from the purchase of raw materials to storage of finished products and dealing with possible claims. In our products we do not use any preservatives, or coloring agents, or any other additives. In the event of complaints about the quality of the product, all cases are carefully studied to determine the reasons for the divergency.